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55" tv failed in warranty period [1 year]. After going thru reset drill w. tech support they agreed it was toast. Warranty requires you to accept "re-certified" unit as replacement. Requires you to schedule "replacement exchange" with sub-contracted delivery company in...
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Vizio Tv
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My 70 inch Vizio did not last a year.

I feel so upset right now. I purchase a brand new Vizio Razor 70 inch TV October 2013. On month 7 horizontal lines start to appear on the screen at first one then two then five of them. Now the screen flashes and the images are dark then after 5 minutes I got sound but no picture. I purchase this from Costco and it was 2400 dollars. I did buy the extended warranty another 100 dollars. I called them today they made me take pictures and send. They did agree to replace it with a used refurbished one in about two weeks. As I have learned by reading online I should of never purchased this brand. I think some of us should get together and sue the company. This is rediculous! I am just a average hard working American and 2400 dollars is a lot of money for any television that does not even last a year. To be replaced by a used one in the first 10 months really!!! I am not happy all I can say. Costco is not willing to do anything for me either. I think I will take my business else where for now on also. We had a nice long talk today also.
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Just received my refurb replacement. lets see how long this piece of junk last.


I'm going thru the EXACT same thing.. Purchased our 70" Vizio from Costco in November 2013.

Aug 10, black lines across the screen.. Called Costco.. transferred me to Vizio.. they said don't worry, we'll take care of you with this brand old refrub tv!

*YEA!* and we'll have "white glove" Manna deliver and install it for you! *double YEA!* and now here we are.. Sept 3. No tv..

Manna called me on Aug 27 for delivery on Sept 2. No call.. no show.. I tried to call them..

on hold for 50 minutes.. finally left a message.. then I emailed them.. nothing back.

Called Vizio.. they said they would look into it.. no call back.

Called Costco..

they called Vizio.. they tried to call Manna.. nothing.


9/3.. Vizio called Manna.. Manna told them they were waiting for me to call back to schedule *beats head again wall*

Manna called me to schedule Friday 9/5 after 3:30 pm (I'm a hard working American.. who's hard earned money has been basically thrown out the window) I told the girl, I would have to call her back to confirm the after 3:30 pm on Friday.

Got her # and ext. She then called Vizio back & said I refused delivery.. I know this because Josh at Vizio called to ask me why.

Called Costco..

they called Vizio.. they tried to call Manna.. no answer (weird) Vizio said they would try to get a hold of Manna and let me know. (Costco is still on call & listening to all this) Then amazingly Manna calls me..

then puts me on hold for another 20 minutes. I finally asked Costco "concierge" how he would feel if he were me.. he said.. I'd be pretty upset..

and then I asked him how he'd feel if everyone I called did absolutely nothing except say sorry.. He said.. I'd be mad. I said welcome to my world..

2 weeks of sorry.

So learn from my experience.


I don't disagree that Vizio brand is a lower built line of TVs. They generally use cheaper parts supplied by other manufacturers and have a much higher defect rate. The fact that they're willing to replace it is good, and I wouldn't expect a new TV as the one you have is NOW also used.

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Vizio Tv

Vizio- poor product. warranty over so is TV

I have a Vizio Plasma 50" TV. 4 months after the warranty expired the TV went dark and needed new control panels at a cost of $550. Soon after receiveing the TV back from repair shop the power supply failed and cost another $200. Vizio said they were sorry but electronics fail. Really? A short time after the warranty expires. They refused to assist in the cost ofr replacement parts and keep e mailing for feedback. Paying $750 to repair a TV that i can buy for $1500 new is ridiculous. You should beware of Vizio support after warranty expires.
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Vizio Tv

Vizio TV

I Bought Vizio50" Plasma from Costco in Aug 08. worked well until Jan. of 2011..all of a sudden picture quit. After 2 warranties and expired and $550 later tv repair guy brought it back. hour later it start flipping on screen. No explanation from tv repair guy! why? I call and e mailed Vizio only to be told electronics fail. sent the TV back to repair new problem another $140 and the repair people feel bad no charge. I have now invested $750 in a TV that i was sold by Costco at a bargain price of $1599. Wow what a deal!!!!
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Vizio Tv
After 39 months my $1600 tv has experienced the pop of death. Really 3 1/2 years old and it died. I have had tvs for 20 years and actually threw it away because I wanted a flat screen HD and I would have been better off keeping it. I have never purchased an item for...
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All the brands are doing it.POP of death is mostly caused by the capacitors going bad on the main power board.

I ordered a kit from $18.00 dollars .Then watched YouTube Video on how to replace them.

It worked. Not hard-try it.Will fix 70% of time.

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Vizio Tv

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