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Do not and I repeat DO NOT! buy vizio they suck but not as bad as the people and management behind them does.

I purchased a 42 inch from them approxametly 4 months ago and got home and hung on wall and wired up at which time soon after installation I had my wife register the warranty. four months later or there abouts the tv went out, no screen and no sound, power light comes on and slowly disappears. tried reseting as advised on their website. Called in today and asked to put in a claim for repair or replacement and was told at first I would need a receipt to which i replied why do I need a receipt I filed my warranty as soon as i got it like vizio asked me to do in their paperwork you get when you open the box.

at this point they advised me that registering the unit doesnt do anything its the receipt..... now everyone else in the world goes off of registering upon purchase I said i got it from walmart and that we cant find the receipt and didnt feel we needed to have a receipt once it was filed. also advising him walmart receipts dont last anyway because they have cheap paper and disappearing ink so you cant return stuff anyway. so the guy looks up my model number and say we quit making that tv in 2012 and did i get a demo?

no i didnt get a demo i got it brand new in an unopened box so after an hours of him combatting everything i say I asked him to look up by serial number and he says now oh wait this tv was discontinued in 2012 but was revised until 2014???? so which is it ***? all i know is i bought it in 2016 and yes walmart may hold electronics as long as they want and sell them as new which is fine by me as long as it is new but my warranty starts the minute i leave and go home and install and register as i should and did, my walmart disappearing ink receipt should not be what i have to rely on. they all have a scam to *** and Vizio sucks I will never buy there product and I strongley advise the same and when you back that up with a *** warranty scamming service you better think twice.

my problem is walmart held the tv for too long then sold it because if it was a 2015 there would be no question so says the idiots at vizio who by the way with the biggest grin and the sweetest smart *** voice were more than happy to shut me down and combat everything i had to say in my defense. so sorry walmart held on to the million tvs they buy from you for a whole year and i happen to get that one....... so now im screwed..... *** product......

*** company......... i lose!! i will do as they advise and go to walmart and ask them tards to try to find my cash transaction and print me a receipt im sure that will be successful!

im screwwed... wont happen again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vizio Tv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Vizio Cons: Lack of service and customer service arrogance.

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Going through this same thing right now. With Walmart and the disappearing ink.

And the Vizio joke of a warranty.

. The customer service is arrogant knowing that we are screwed.

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