I purchased a 60" Vizio TV from Sams. Approximately 3 and 1/2 months after the purchase, the television went blank while watching tv shows where the screen was dark in color.

I called the company to follow up on what could be done and I was advised that I would only receive a reconditioned tv, as I did not call with in the first 30 days. I advised them that I went with their brand as I had faith in their equipment. Boy I was wrong because I had waited a few extra days I am being shafted out of a new tv that I paid for. While speaking with Dakota badge #1008, he was unable to assist with my issues and admitted that I was receiving a reconditioned tv not a "refurbished" tv as he put it.

He said that the tv's are simply overstock from stores "no issue tvs". I then asked if they were possible returns that didn't work. He laughed and said it's possible and the conversation went down hill from there. I then spoke to his supervisor Ashely, who was very short and smug, she said because I am a few days shy I get the reconditioned a tv.

She ended it by saying I am not going to do anything else for you so do you want me to set up the reconditioned tv delivery or not. Wow!

What a company so much for customer service and the customer always being right. I will never purchase anything from VIZIO nor will I allow anyone I know purchase from them.

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The president doesn't abide by the constitution, why would Vizio do the right thing? :)


Sorry it was the first 90 days not 30.

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