I bought a 47" Vizio LCD TV. It lasted only 4+ years before it died.

The service company Vizio sent me to deemed in "unrepairable"...They also kept part of the repair cost, calling it a "service fee". Now, I have to pay to take the TV to recycling and buy a new TV. I contacted Vizio...They told me this "does not reflect on their product quality"...Seriously, that is what they wrote to me. DO NOT buy a Vizio TV!!!!!

You will get screwed. The product is unreliable and the company does not care about customers after they have your money.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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I agree I have 55 inch Visio and it flips and is unwatchable after 18 months. The Company said "Unrepairable".

Too bad get a new TV.

Best Buy sales people confirmed "Visio is junk, don't buy another".

So do not but from this organization. Product is junk, service and support is terrible.

Pay more for another brand do not waste your money.


Performance aside, I have a friend who owns an electronics repair shop who tells me that the build quality and components of Vizo television sets are junk.


Same experience! Had the tv for about 3 years, 4 at most.

It suddenly died and Vizio is no help at all.

Do not buy a Vizio product. JUNK!

Fort Huachuca, Arizona, United States #995424

capacitors blew in my 60 in vizio not even a year old. I sent pictures to vizio showing yellow liquid dripping from bottom of tv and they said it was my fault that there is no liquid in their tv's.

I took it apart myself to find where the liquid came from and both capacitors blew.

I ordered new capacitors for about 10 dollars and fixed that piece of junk myself. stay away from vizio they are rude and their tvs are junk.

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