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Bought a new TV from Vizio at Christmas time. The WiFi did not work on it.

I contacted customer service and they sent me a new box to return them the TV and they in turn would send me a new one. I sent it properly packaged by UPS as per Vizio. The package was received and signed for by Harold at Vizio . After that they will not tell me what happened because the TV got damaged in their warehouse and they are telling me that because it is damaged they will NOT relace the TV.

They will not acknowledge the UPS delivery receipt and are blaming me! They refuse to look at their cameras to see what happened to the box after they recived it. It actually has *** in the box about 4inches wide that damaged the screen. So now im out of my $$ and still dont have a TV.

Please beware of this scamming company. Advise your friends as well.

I would like to make this issue as public as possible so please pass it on. Thanks to all (except Vizio)

Product or Service Mentioned: Vizio Tv.

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These vizio televisions are a piece of junk. And the limited and extended warranties are a joke.

Customer service does not know how to solve problems with this junk they have put out on the market. Someone in Washington needs to put them out of business.

They are liars and deceivers. They should be ashamed of themselves for selling this product to the American public for nothing but financial gain.


I hope you paid via a credit card. File a dispute with your card company if so and try to get a credit for it, assuming you can provide the receipt of delivery as you indicate. Good luck.


My guess it was damaged by UPS. In the many years of working at UPS I have never seen a television not damaged during shipping by UPS.

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