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Bought this TV and the only one better at the time was a 4k..had insurance for two years just in case a freak accident happened(which I knew in my house was impossible) 25 months later whattya is gone and a being past my insurance by a month I come home from work and there is a line at the top of the screen and the picture constantly shifts up and down. I bought this for TV for gaming mostly and if I go to the game input or have the TV in any other picture mode than standard it becomes ungodly fuzzy and out of focus.

You can't even look at the picture for longer than ten seconds without feeling a migraine coming on..what a POS!!

Couldn't be more dissatisfied by a product I obviously overpayed for seeing as it couldn't last more than 25 months. I advise anyone and will tell everyone looking for a new TV to AVOID VIZIO AT ALL COSTS!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Me too buddy. I tell everyone to not buy vizio ever.

Their company sux so bad they don't even deserve to have their name capitalized when being referred to in a sentence.

I got 18 months out of my smart tv! What a waste of money.

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