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Bought a 32" Smart TV in March 2014.TV was working fine until last month when a line appeared and established residency on the left side of my screen.

So I called customer service and they asked me to send pictures of my TV (on the left) and I was told that under my limited warranty they would be able to send out a refurbished TV once I sent mine to them. They emailed me a label for shipping and I packaged TV in original box, with bubble wrap excessively wrapped around entire TV, with the original sleeve then put over the TV, extra wrap bunched at bottom of box, around the sides and then placed every single plastic bag in my household around any remaining space so TV would not move. Received an email yesterday saying TV was received and my replacement would be shipped in 2-5 days. This morning I get an email saying the TV was damaged when received by them (pictured on right) and that they will not be replacing now.

Called Vizio and they said "it was packaged with a bunch of plastic bags" which wasn't the only thing it was packaged with! And the photographed the package opened and my TV was clearly already unpackaged and then put back in the box with the bags and then photographed. I'm extremely pissed off. I was reluctant to even send the TV in the first place because I was afraid of this happening.

Best part is the email saying to contact UPS/FEDEX for pickup IF I want my TV back. Yes, I still want my now piece of junk TV back that those people probably tossed all around that FedEx and UPS are so well known for. I'm out $350 now, thanks Vizio/FEDEX/UPS!!

Also, does the TV look like it's completely smashed or did the picture just completely distorted?Guess I'll find out when I get my TV back.

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