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Bought a Vizio HD TV at Costco and it went bad meaning the picture was all red after 98 days. Took back to Costco and was informed I was 8 days out of being able to return. Now Vizio after numerous calls and missed appointments wants to replace a new TV with a refurbished TV. Costco needs to look at the quality of product they are offering and then the back up to handle problems.

Vizio has made every effort to not try to handle this situation, 3 weeks now with this terrible TV. Vizio products are not worth buying!

I will never buy another TV @ COSTCO!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vizio Tv.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Why are you blaming Costco? Most stores only have a 30 day return policy on electronics, some stores give you less time.

Maybe you should look at the brand of TV you bought. However, that being said, I have had a Vizio for 4 years with no problem.


Almost the same experience for me. Bought Vizio 47" LED TV in Costco, Picture went v. bad after 110 days and had to rely on Vizio refurbished policy. TV wasnt swapped out for 3 weeks (or 15 business days as Vizio puts it)

1, TV breaking after 110 days? seriously?

2. very inferior returns policy with no possibility of refund. If I could go back on my decision to buy vizio, I would

3. I really have no issues with costco. I think their returns policy is actually surprisingly good given it is independent of the manufacturer.

my advice is, if considering vizio product purchases seriously, think really hard about the trade off between price and quality. you cant have both with this manufacturer


To Boo Hoo..wow you must be a Vizio employee..only thing that makes since. You spend 1,000 dollars on a TV and within 100 days it is defective..this is just a terrible product which is being stated by so many people who thought they were buying a quality product.

They didn't offer to send a new TV but another defective TV that was refurbished, this is not what I bought or wanted.

Again I guess you are OK with this type of working life ( 98 days) and this type of customer service when the product is defective.. I guess Russia would be a good country for you..


OCTSOC is right! i work at costco for 8 years in the Tv department.

you have a two year warranty for free and a 5 year warranty for next to nothing! quit being cheap and costco goes out of their way for all their members!


Vizio LCD HD TV(s) are defective and unreliable. Do you want to spend $999.99 for a flat screen television set only to have it fail after two years.

Don’t buy the Vizio brand product. The light source, which is the life of the television failed on three of my Vizio flat screen sets. The light source is the life of the unit. If a component failed, the television could be repaired, but if the light source fails, it is cheaper to replace the whole product.

The Vizio manufacturer says that a certain number of their units will fail. If you don’t purchase an extended warranty you’ve lost out. A warranty will cost $400.00 extra for three years. Than if the television fails after three years there is no recourse.

A regular $150.00 television set plays for ten years or longer. I recommend a flat screen from a company that builds, manufactures and owns a patent on the light source, like Samsung, or Sharp.

Vizio is junk!!!! AND a Waste of MONEY!!!


:cry Boo Hoo, They gave you 90days to return the T.V. for a full refund,name me any other store that would give you even half that time..

The more you get the more you want,plus you got a two year warrenty on the T.V. which Costco paid the second year for free...Quit your crying cry baby


Samsung are great as are Sony. visio sucks


stick with samsung they are affordable and last sony is over priced

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