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Best Buy - TV Shadow after 17 months
My brand new Vizio 60 inch TV developed a shadow after 17 months. I contacted both Vizio and Best Buy and both offered basically $100 of a purchase of a new TV. I said that was unacceptable and wanted my TV replaced or made to work again properly at their expense. Both...
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TVs have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. After that if anything goes wrong and you did not buy an extended warranty that is on you.

Neither Best Buy nor Vizio are under any obligation to to fix or replace your TV after the warranty period. In fact Best Buy is under no obligation to do anything after their 15 day return policy, after that it all falls on Vizio and their warranty.

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Vizio Tv
Reason of review
Damaged or defective
Preferred solution
Full refund

Best Buy Nightmare

I ordered a television including delivery and mounting on 2/24/17. The delivery and install was scheduled for 3/4/17 from 12pm - 4pm. After changing to a later shift in order to be home for the delivery the delivery company showed up 3.5 hrs late. They never called to inform me of their delayed schedule. I actually called in to find out, however I was told they would be an hour late. I was offered a gift card due to the inconvenience. When they arrived I was informed they don't install. I received several communications confirming my delivery install date and time. I was told I was supposed to call an schedule by some reps and that they aren't sure why it wasn't scheduled by others. To add to my inconvenience I was told I had to go back into rotation due to Best Buy's error. They have no technicians to handle Best Buy errors. Everyone simply goes back into rotation. Now I would have had to go 5 more days without the service I paid for due to their error. Best Buy made good on the gift card offer ($100) stating payable after installation. After scheduling the appointment, I open the television and the screen was cracked. I'm thinking this has to be a joke. I call back in and was advised, after yet another hour of my life wasted on Best Buy, that I would have to wait until 3/9/17 to have the television exchanged as well. After some venting, I agreed to the date. Today, 3/5/17 I log into my account to find the taxes have been adjusted to reflect the new price of the television now that the sale is over. The agent also advised me that this order was never going to go through the date scheduled and the she was glad I called. So at this point I am livid. How can one company messed up a simple order to this degree? Every step of the order was handled improperly except the funds being debited for my account. I spoke to a supervisor that refused to supply an employee ID by the name of Jason (generic right?). He advised me that humans make mistakes and it wasn't done on purpose. Needless to say, Best Buy started a fire and "Jason" poured fuel on it. As a customer service/escalation/retention specialist of over a decade, I provided coaching. I let him know that when you are in a field you are considered an expert and humans make mistakes is NEVER okay to say to a customer especially when the company has botched the order as bad as this order. This turned into a debate as he defended his position that humans DO make mistakes. I let Jason know that I am not an *** and I am very aware of that fact, however it is not okay. I learned through speaking to several agents that Best Buy has no contingencies for company error. As big as this company is as well as long as it has been in business there should be enough data to extract to find how many orders end in company error and have technicians available to remedy the problem without being thrown back into rotation. As a consumer I did everything I was supposed to do; I placed the order, paid for the desired services and scheduled my appointment. Best Buy did offer the gift card. So in essence for their error I get money from them to give back to them. Hmmm... No associate in a supervisor position was willing to take responsibility. Customer service was the worst I have ever experienced. Never could an agent of mine get away with such treatment. Ultimately I had no choice but to reluctantly cancel my order. Not only was I treated unfairly, received damaged merchandise 3.5 hrs late, never got a scheduled installation, missed work, falsely informed of the new delivery date, spent almost 4 hrs on the phone with Best Buy, but I still have no television. This was by far the most frustrating experience I have encountered working with any company. I had such high hopes for Best Buy.
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Vizio Tv
  • Delivery almost 4 hours late
  • Delayed wait time
  • Damaged merchandise
Reason of review
Damaged or defective
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution

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