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I purchased a VIZIO television. At that time, I was caring for a very dear with a terminal illness.

My fried recently passed away, so I just got around to opening the television. It is still within the "promised" one-year warranty period. The television did not work from the moment it came out of the box. VIZIO technical service representatives have repeatedly lied to me.

They claim the screen was somehow cracked, but the case, box, and all packing materials are absolutely flawless. They won't do anything at all -- not even offer me a discount on another one of their sorry products -- which I would never buy anyway. But, this gives you the drift about their NON-consumer service. VIZO customer representatives have lied and told me they are supervisors, so-called supervisors have lied and told me they are the top leaders in the company.

In particular, I spoke with a "Julie," who claimed she was at the top and refused to give me her full name or let me speak to anyone else. She had a very condescending attitude from the moment she got on the phone. But, this complaint really isn't so much about their poor customer service as it is about VIZIO not standing behind its product.

This is a horrible company and I will NEVER again buy one its products. Buyers beware and NEVER shop VIZIO!

Monetary Loss: $350.

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I'm sorry to read about your friend. I can tell from your letter that you really cared about your friend.

And I'm sorry you had a damaged panel on your TV. You know...no Manufacturer's Limited Warranties cover physical damage like a broken LCD panel. The Warranties are there to cover problems from when the TV was made. If the TV panel was broken when it was made it wouldn't get sent out.

I have toured one of the HDTV factories and have seen the final inspection of the "just off the assembly line" TVs and they aren't broken. In other words, they are sent to the retailer in perfect condition.

I had 2 of 4 55" Vizio Smart TVs that were also damaged. Yep...cracked panels. But I contacted the retailer.

So I returned those 2 TVs to Sam's and they took care of them. Why?? Because I bought them from Sam's. And Sam's wants me to come back and buy from them again. And, you know, just looking around that Sam's...well they are busy and some times product falls from the shelves. Thus damage occurs.

I bet there is a security reason for Julie not giving her full name; most call centers have that rule.

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