I purchased a Vizio VBR334 Blu-ray player 14 months ago at Target. It's worked well until now. Last night I rented a Blu-ray disc from RedBox and tried to play it. A notice came up on the screen:

"WARNING: Your Blu-ray Player requires an update in order to play this disc. Visit your Blu-ray Player manufacturer's website and follow their instruction to update your Blu-ray Player."

Vizio does not have a firmware update for this product and, according to their "customer service" representative, does not have one in the works.

This is outrageous! They are not keeping-up with technology or Blu-ray copyright standards. My Blu-ray player is now worthless. Next time, I'll buy a Sony or Sharp.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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Fairfield, Maine, United States #922479

I spoke with them today about same issue. Was basically told to watch the digital download if i wanted to watch the movie.

They do not support any Blu-ray players anymore and do not care that they essentially sold paperweights. I will never buy another Vizio product ever again.

They have the absolute worst customer service i have ever dealt with. It seemed like they could not get out of the live chat fast enough


I too am really disappointed with the Vizio's customer service, went to their site and of course no firmware update for the Vizio VBR334. Now it is a worthless piece of ....

I will never, I repeat never buy another VIZIO product, we have been looking a shelling out big bucks for a new 75 inch flat screen, and believe it won't be a VIZIO. Really pissed that a company with so many products out there would care so little for their customers.

Newport Beach, California, United States #783610

I called vizio. Then told me they were not going to make up date in software to be able to watch new bluray movies .

They said I have to buy a new one to be able to watch new release movies. MY bluray is only 1 year old, So I am going to buy another brand that is reliable .


Just got off the phone with them myself, they said they do not know when or "IF" they will release a firmware update to fix the problem. The so called technician went as far as to say the Blu Ray disc manufacturers are changing the copywright protection encryption daily, B*LLSH*T. Time to buy a different brand.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #726401

Same here, a vizio 231 blu ray 1.5 yrs old that they are not supporting anymore. Vizio support sent me to IPI and they don't do anything on blu ray, so apparently they will tell you anything to get rid of you. I am very sorry that I ever purchased anything from vizio (tv and soundbar as well as the blu ray player) and will not make that mistake again.


Same results with Vizio. Sorry i have more of their products.

Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States #702338

Luckily I got mine for free and am now discovering this load of B.S. I feel for you or anyone who spent good hard earned American dollars on a VIZIO piece of trash.

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, United States #690450

Same problem with my Blue Ray I would not take another Vizio product if they have it to me for free.

to *** technology #766631

I have the same problems. This is a piece of ***!

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