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I bought the TV at Best Buy on 12/31/14 for $599. Saw it was on sale for $499 on 01/05/15 and got my $100 refund and applied it toward the 5 year warranty.

Set it up on 01/06/15... The picture was great. My fear of pixelated images was all for naught. I was even able to get rid of that "soap opera" effect through the settings. After a couple of firmware updates the sound was fairly loud. I'm more than half deaf and level 5 is loud for me.

Over time there seems to be some gliches...

The TV wouldn't respond to the remote every so often. It wouldn't even power-off using the power button on the back. Had to unplug the TV for it to function properly again. This happened frequently.

Then, after viewing Netflix the network station would only show in a tiny box at the top left corner ...!?!?!? Had to unplug TV to get it to function properly again... This happened several times.

EXACATLY three month after setting it up, 04/05/15, I manully turned the TV off (as I always do). When I returned home I tried to turn the TV back on. It displayed the Visio "V" logo, faded as if the TV was coming on, flashed the "V" logo and went black. It repeated this every 45 - 60 seconds. I search the internet and found that this has been a problem for Vizion since 2012. Doing the power discharge cycle did nothing for me.

I'm well past my refund period now I can only play Vizio's game of havig them send technicians to "repair/fix" my TV.

Who knows how long the fix will last....?

Professional reviews should be based on the TVs' longivity as well as thier functionality when new

Update 08/01/2016:

After Vizio sent a technician back in April 2015 the televison has been working 'reasonably' okay. But I never touched the power button on the TV again. Well, two months ago the TV stopped coming on instantly. It took about 30-45 seconds before it would come on, and this is only after holder the power button on the remote for 3+ seconds.

And NOW, two weeks ago the power went off. At first the TV wouldn't turn back on for nothing until I did that power cycling thing. To my surprise it worked. But... I had to reorganize my devices so I turned the TV OFF and UNPLUGGED it. It would NOT turn on again. It would not turn on for nothing, not even by doing the 'power cycle', or waiting for the capacitors to discharge or ANYTHING.

I ended up ordering a new power board (ADTVD3613XA7) from When I got the board I noticed that there indeed was a fuse on the board. So I swapped the fuse from the new board with the fuse from the old board and plugged the TV in. BAM!! The TV worked. But I was curious. What would happen if I unplugged the TV again? So, I turned the TV off, unplugged it and waited a couple of minutes. I plugged the TV back in and TRIED to turn it on and NOTHING. WTH?? I'm wondering does the fuse blow just by turning the TV off and unplugging it?? I unplugged the TV and took the fuse out to check it, and it looked ok. I did the power cycle to discharge any capacitors and put the fuse back in. By chance I did another power cycle (this is important I found out) and plugged the TV back in. BAMM!! The TV works again!! Again I turned off the TV and unplugged it, re-plugged it and it doesn't work again. ?!?!? I put my OLD fuse back in and tried the power cycle sequence and the TV works with the old fuse!!

Apparently, the fuse is shorting the power board and preventing the 'power cycle' from completely working. I had to follow the exact sequence below for this to work. I tried different sequences and shortcuts but failed:

While TV is unplugged...

Take out fuse, hold power button for 12 seconds

Put fuse in, hold power button for 12 seconds

Re-assemble TV

Do NOT plug TV into outlet until you are ready to leave it there indefinitely.

VIZIO needs to fix this!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vizio M502i-b1 Tv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Vizio Pros: Picture quality.

Vizio Cons: Not being able to unplug tv, Read review.

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Same thing here. Does not come on or does not turn off.

TV only 2 yrs old. Would not recommend buying.


Same problem. Vizio M502i-B1 1) TV would not power up 2) Removed back for troubleshooting.

3) Removed Power 4) Help Power Switch for 30 Seconds 5) Applied power and TV turned on just fine. 6) Turned TV off, removed power and re-assembled 7) TV would not turn ON


My doing the same thing. I try what u say it not working sometimes I have to unplug for days to work again


Mine same your problem .Need help.


Same thing for me too. I think it has something to do with the standby power.


I found a very small, round switch on the input board directly across the cooling assembly from the 2 leds. The label reads SW401.

There are 2 empty wire connectors very close to it. I pushed that button once, while the tv was plugged in and my tv powered on immediately.


This was the only thing that worked for me. Thanks


Any updates on the power supply issues? My Vizio m502i-b1 worked great until I moved to a new place.

Maybe a week after the move, the TV went dead and wouldn't turn on.

I took it to a local TV shop, and the guy there told me it was a mainboard issue, but they couldn't order the part. He suggested I look for a knock-off board on eBay.

After reading the comments here, I'm thinking of cracking it open and messing with the fuse before buying a whole new board - but if replacing the power supply/cord with a different voltage fixes it for good, I might try that instead!


I also have a Vizio M502i-B1. After ~2 years, it no longer powered on.

A technician replaced the main board with a refurbished one (new main boards are not available). This board died after several weeks, so he put in yet another main board.

A few more weeks go by and the main board died again. What's going on with this Vizio crap?


I am having these same power problems with my Vizio M502i-B1, bought from Best Buy late 2014. I have tried every solution I can find on the internet.

Sometimes the fix work for a little while but the problem ALWAYS returns.

I have not read anywhere where Vizio is taking responsibility for this ongoing problem and there for will never buy another Vizio product. Shame on you Vizio!!


My tv was doing the same thing. Replaced the main board and it worked for a week.

Last night after turning it off to go to bed, it was turning it's self back on. I had to unplug.

This morning plugging it back in, it won't turn on. I am done, and will never buy a Vizio again.


I tried the same steps but and it worked once. I powered it down and back up (without unplugging) and all seemed to be good.

Unfortunately, I had taken the TV to another room for testing so had to unplug it.

Once I unplugged, plugged back in and repeated the steps, it never came back up. I think I tried 4-5 times (the steps you mentioned) before giving up.

The question is: Is it a simple case of replacing the fuse or is it a problem with the power board?


I have a Vizio M502i-b1 doing the exact same thing. I could not get mine to power on either si I pulled the fuse as you suggested and reinstalled the fuse seconds later after I checked continuity across it and found it to be a good fuse.

Prior to pulling the fuse with the power essentially on (pressed the power button on the back of the tv and nothing happened) I checked the output voltage from the power supply card (supposed to be 24V) and got 19.86 vdc. That seemed a bit low as normally acceptable ranges on power output in my mind are 10% or less variation from the nominal value, likely in this case it should be even less than that. So I pulled the fuse and put it back in and pressed the power button again and as you stated BAM it powered up and was acting normal as if nothing was wrong. I was able to unplug the power cord, move the tv to the next room and plug it back in and it still worked so I ran the tv setup and watched a show for about 15 minutes and powered it down.

I took it back into the room where I was working on it and tried to plug it in and power it on again and nothing. Dead as a door nail.

I am going to check the voltages again today and remove the fuse again to see if that repeats the same behavior. It suggests to me there is something wrong with the power supply card, possibly cracked solder joints or one of the capacitor or resistors wandering aimlessly off of spec getting ready to go bad.


I'm glad someone found my review useful.

New technology = New problems...


"supposed to be 24v" according to? Do you have a copy of the service manual?


My voltages are also low on this power supply board. I measured 11.58 volts instead of 12 volts and 19.5 instead of 24 volts. Did you replace the power supply board or was it another board dragging your voltages down .thanks


I am trying these exact steps and nothing is working.

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