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After 2 short years of owning a 47" LCD HDTV what started off as one horizontal line across the top of my screen progressed to about 8 lines all in a matter of a couple months. When I called Vizio they told me they have 2 companies that deal with repairs and referred me to ITI.

Long story short, after playing phone tag for close to a month, ITI's solution was to "internet search" a local repair shop in my area. So I called Vizio back and they said "Oh, ITI doesn't deal with your state, our representative must have mixed up what state you live in. HD Repair is the name of the company that deals with your state, here's the number...". So, I call them and they tell me (somewhat rudely) from what I have described to them that there is nothing they can do and to buy a new TV!


Wow! Great customer service from a company that "prides themselves on their American based support"!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vizio Tv.

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