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I have 3 vizo TV,s. I am perfectly happy with all 3.

A 48" and two 32". I am looking to buy a 60" or larger. Since I am happy with the ones I have i looked at Vizio. To my surprise they now call their product a home theater display rather than a TV because they no longer install a tuner.

Then they limit their usb ports to 1 and do not sell an add on tuner. They advertise this as a tuner free.

I really don't want to add another box with another remote. I think someone is going to get fired for this amazingly stupid idea!

Vizio Pros: Almost every thing.

Vizio Cons: Home theater idea they no longer have what i want.

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I bought a 50''(d50f-e1)vizio tv on 1/5/2018 it only worked for two days and then it started making a bonging noise when switching apps (aka youtube,netflix,ect.) and wont play apps unless I unplug it and reset the tv . I called vizio and they had me reset it and it did the same thing they said they would replace it when I asked if the replacement would be new one or remanufactured they wouldn't awnser me !

wtf ! vizio s**ks !

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