Vizio E600i-b3 Tv Reviews

Vizio wide screen, 60 inch, E600I-B3 model. Over the last two months, it has started to shut off periodically. the timer is turned off. very sporadicno Oone night could be every 10 minutes, next night its ever 20 minutes. Tonight it is has shut down six times in the past two hours. It is getting progressively worse. Curious if anyone else has had this issues. of course the warranty ran out three months ago. Has anyone else had these...
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I had 4 HD TV and wanted to move from a 42" to a 60" and I read good views about Vizio. I purchased the TV in June 2015 for just over $800. In February 2016 the sound was intermittent, I'd change channels and there would be no sound, I return to the previous channel and there may/may not be sound. I'd go to a completely different channel, same thing maybe/maybe not. At times there was no hope so I'd shut the TV off and turn it back on and it...
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I liked
  • Tech support was in the us
I didn't like
  • It doesnt end and doesnt get better