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I purchased a new 55inch led tv part of their m series smart tvs on june 18th 13. The tv started turning off on its own and I was getting black shadowing accross the screen.

It finally did not want to turn on again, I called vizio and they said they first needed to send a technician to fix my televison that I purchased 31 days before. They could not send me a new tv. I waited 7 business days for a tech to call me which never happened. I once again called customer service and a tech arrived at my home 3 days after.

The televisions power was repaired but not the led screen. I then had to re call and have them start another claim. They made me take pictures and send it to them. The first set of pictures were denied.

I sent them a picture of a netflix logo that had black shadows on the corners and was denied. The rep said the room was not well lit. I re sent pictured the following day. I called back and was on hold for 30 minutes while two other reps reviewed the pictures.

I was then told I would get a new tv within 8 business days. Today I was called by vizio it has been 3 business days since re they told me my the tv would be sent out, they said they cancelled my claim because I did not accept a refurbished tv agreement. I argued that my tv is less than 1 month old and it is broken and that I paid for a new tv and thus want one. They gave me a bunch of *** and said that it is practically new and that it is all they can do.

On top of that I have to wait another 8 to 12 business days to receive it.

I still have a busted tv 2 months after I bought it and waiting for my replacement. I would never recommend vizio to anyone spend the extra 200 dollars it is well worth it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vizio Tv.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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Wow...that is too bad that you are having these problems. I would be frustrated too.

Have you buy chance tried contacting the retailer where you purchased the TV? I ask because some retailers (like Costco, Sam's, Wally World) allow you to return product up to 90 days after you bought it and they will replace it with NEW!!

You know...my very first Vizio had to be replaced. Yep -- with what they called a recertified TV. I wasn't sure I heard correct. Recertified? Don't you mean Refurbished? NOPE!! Recertified. I was told by this nice gal on the phone that the TV was most likely returned to Wal-Mart or Sam's because it was too small or didn't fit the TV cabinet. But she also told me that most times Vizio sends out a new TV even though you have accepted the Recertified agreement. And she was right! That 37" TV was new. Oh, the LCD panel was dusty but I didn't mind.

In the years since, I have purchased many Vizio TVs for my siblings and children. A couple had problems and when we took them back to Sam's or Costco it was all taken care of. This weekend we are going to go get one of M series in the 70". Can't wait. :p

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