My Vizio TV has had audio problems virtually from day one. The TV makes loud gurgling and knocking noises and the sound is alternately muted and comes in and out.

Attempts to remedy it through the supplier, Costco, and the manufacturer, Vizio, have proven unsuccessful; thus far, I am only getting lipservice. One technician tells me one thing, and another one tells me a completely different thing. Not coincidently, is come to my attention that there are hundreds of similar reports regarding these televisions and the lack of support from both Vizio and Costco. If I were you, I would not even stop to think about purchasing a Vizio TV, especially from Costco.

My research suggests that Cosco is known of these defects for quite some time, in excess of two years prior to my purchase, yet these problems persist.

The clear inference is that they are knowingly selling a defective product. Next stop: small claims court.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vizio Tv.

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