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Purchased a VISIO model " E5OOi-AO 46" TV from Walmart 01/03/14, for $685.20 still have the receipt. Yesterday the screen went completely black, I have sound but no picture.

I unplugged it and got out the manual, nothing helped. I called VISIO, they offered to sell me another TV for $400.00 plus a $135.00 shipping charge. Then I started researching VISIO TV's OMG, thousands of complaints and the company admitted that it is non repairable, and if you look at the complaints I'm lucky my lasted 2 years most of them don't, all with similar or same problem.

They could send someone out to fix it, for $300.00, I'm like really and that doesn't include the parts. I am amazed as to the 1000's of complaints I've read that's just on one website.

If you bought the extended warranty ( for $90.00 ) and they offer a replacement I read they send you a refurbished TV, not new. VISIO is known as a defective, non repairable, disposable TV. I have a Sony TV I've had for 10 years no issues at all. Same with Samsung.

In the future I will go with companies that back what they sell, and value their customers. VISIO is NOT one of those companies.

We all work hard for our money, for a company to knowingly manufacture products that are defective with no solution except buying another defective product or repair that may or may not work is just wrong.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Vizio Cons: Unwilling to help, Poor product and customer service.

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