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WARNING: Please reconsider purchasing a VIZIO anything. I have a vizio bluray player model BR133 that I purchased less than 2 years ago.

I recently purchased the X-Men Days of future past and found out it would not play due to the bluray needing a firmware update which Vizio did not have, their reply was sorry but we no longer support them, this could one day happen to their TV’s. Please reconsider. If they don’t keep up with firmware updates you could wind up with something you can no longer use.

This may also happen to other models of TV’s in the near future. My advice is purchase another brand with better support or you may be like me with a bluray player unable to play new movies.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Support.

  • Bluray Player Model Vbr133
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Ditto the problem. Can’t believe Vizio is still getting away with this.

We were sold on Vizio for a long time - not anymore.

A older Sony bliray player that someone gave us WILL play the newer discs! Consumers should have recourse for the Vizio issue.

to Mark Johnson #1570777

That's because of a little known fact VIZIO has re-branded their DVD BLU RAYs the new name is AH SOLES. and on behalf of VIZIO I would like to say thank you for your donations.


Is anyone sure that Vizio has a support group?


A few years ago I purchased a VBR-133 blu-ray player. I tried to play "Deadpool" and it wouldn't play.

After looking or the updates on line I emailed with Vizio and found out that they no longer support their blu-ray players. I told them that it is a simple matter of courtesy to have the updates available for their customers when no longer carrying a product. That's just good business practice.

I never received a reply of any sort. You can bet that I'll never buy a Vizio product and tell everyone I meet to not purchase Vizio as well.

Arlington, Virginia, United States #1277524
Tried to play a Blu Ray disc for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and got the message for an update. Called Vizio support and found out that my player no longer supports the latest blu ray discs.

Fortunately, I only am out for the $2 I paid to rent the movie.

The player was a gift. :)

I just tried to play the new X files bluray and after searching and searching for a solution found this site. This is utterly ridiculous.

If they can't be bothered to provide updates for their players, they need to provide their customers with new ones.

This disgusts me that Vizio can render your product useless by choice in the hopes that you buy a new one. My next player certainly won't be from these criminals.


I will never buy another VIZIO P.O.S. again.

That stands for PEICE OF ***!!!!!! I spent all that money for a 3D Blu Ray player that now won't play certain Videos unless you get some Junk that VIZIO refuses to do or says doesn't exist. I hope those Pigs that own that company choke on all that money they *** of hard working people who want to enjoy a wonderful movie with their family to realize I just wasted $5 more bucks because it won't play.

I hope that on a holiday or someday when no one is there the building burns to the ground because the Devil owns that company by treating people who bought their products like we are *** pions!


i tried to play a new movie on the VBR133 and it also stated that I needed to upgrade the firmware. I went to Vizio's website, couldn't find the Blue Ray Player listed and saw this cite.

I can't believe that they create a product that requires updates and later don't support it. Not buying any Vizio products from here on out.


I too had the same problem.

They tried to blame the movie studio for the new copyright protection etc etc

The have my money. they dont care

no firmware they choose to share

took all references from their website like it never existed

they dont "support" you.. dont support them


seems to only occur with 20th century fox blu-ray dvds


I am one of the unfortunate lot that purchased a VIZIO VBR133 BluRay disc player that is now obsolete due to unavailable firmware updates. To make matters worse, I purchased a 55 " VIZIO TV at the same time as tbe bluray player and had to lug it to the dumpster a few months ago because it stopped working.

It just went blank during a show and would not turn on again. Given these experiences, I will never purchase another VIZIO product. This company is obviously on the edge of ruin since it can't build a TV that will last more than a few years or offer essential firmware updates for the products customers purchased in good faith that the company would provide onging support.

I encourage anyone and everyone to purchase any brand but VIZIO. My new Samsung products work very well and, to date, Samsung has offered excellent support.


I had the same issue with a VBR220a blue ray player. It only plays dvds now.

Olmsted Falls, Ohio, United States #1102438

I had the same problem and now I am stuck with both


Same issue!!! Vizio VBR133 or as it is called now- MY BRICK!!!

My question is- WHERE is the protection for the CONSUMER!?!? Only Hollywood gets protection?!?!?!

They should at least offer a Buy Back Program!!!! My recommendation is to STAY AWAY!!!!


Same thing with The Martian.


Same here and Same DVD. What a pain..

now I have to look for another Blu ray player.

I was happy with vizio product but not anymore.. Going back to Samsung/ Sonys..


Need a class action lawsuit against these folks.


Yes the same thing happened to me. My VBR133/134 no longer will work on Amazon instant video.

Customer service at Amazon offered no solution. That is not the way for Vizio to run a company. It even has a button for instant video!! I wonder if my Vudu and Netflix will stop working soon.

My only recourse is to buy another compatible device and it sure as *** won't be a Vizio. And if someone asks me (as they often do) what brand of TV to buy it won't be Vizio.

I am calling Vizio and will see if they offer any solution. Probably not.

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, United States #1016580

2 year old VBR133 Vizio 3D Blue Ray player . Vizio no longer makes firmware updates for it.

Therefore, new DVD's and Blue Rays will not play on the machine. Really pissed when I read the blogs.

Vizio should have at least sent out a "Sh** out of luck" email or post card to the registered customers.....oh, yea, I'm not going to be one of their customers. *** me Vizio.

Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States #994361

2 year old VBR133 Vizio 3D Blue Ray player is no good, because Vizio no longer maked firmware updates for it. Therefore, new DVD will not play on the machine.

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