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I recently purchased the Vizio M Series 55" Quantum Color 4K HDR TV (model M558-G1) from Best Buy. After about a month of use, I noticed that there was some choppy video when using some of the more commonly used streaming apps.

I then used the "test connection" option in their menu software. It reported that I had a 41.29 Mb/s connection. I have AT&T Fiber in my home, and I consistently get connection speeds between 750Mbps & 980Mbps (depending on peak hours). I called & spoke with Vizio technical support [1(855)833-3221] about this VERY LOW connection speed in relation to the other WIRED devices in my home, and the representative tried to tell me that it was "an ISP issue", and that I needed to call my internet service provider to remedy the issue.

I then told her that after a quick Google search that it seemed to be a common complaint among other Vizio TV users (for a variety of models), so I highly doubt that it was an "ISP issue". I asked her to allow me to return the TV under warranty & she refused. I asked to speak to her supervisor (Amica - who REFUSED to give me her employee ID number - said it was against company rules). Amica told me that based on her assessment of what I told the previous technical support person, that the TV was in proper working order, and therefore they WOULD NOT BE ABLE to warranty the TV.

It is my opinion that they already know that this is an issue & simply don't care.

I WASTED $700 on this TV, and now I want everyone that is considering buying this (or any TV from Vizio) to know about the VERY POOR connection speeds (both wired & wireless), AND exactly how the Vizio company stands behind their "warranty".

Since I bought this TV from Best Buy, I can't even return it because they only have a 15 day return policy.

Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money for a SAMSUNG... Like I Wish I had done.

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