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I bought my VIZIO this year in February it is now the end of October. I have 6 VIZIO TVs in my home.

This was by far the most expensive TV I have EVER purchased, granted it was only $700 but as a single mom....of two boys....that's a *** load of money!!! My television was apparently hit by a small object. I am not disputing this nor am I saying it did not happen....I have two boys and a dog. I get it....accidents happen.

However....If something hit my TV in my small living room...there was not much force to it. When I called VIZIO the woman I spoke with asked me to send pictures and I did so, then I was supposed to wait for a email that told me to call them...I did that as well. That's when I was told something hit my TV and VIZIO does not do anything for that. The woman actually said "this is your problem" Now....My parents both have smart TVs and grandchildren as well as animals and I am 100% certain they have things hit their TV.

The only difference between my TV and theirs is that mine was 4K. The actual screen on my TV is fine. No imprint, no dent, nothing. If something hit it hard it would have some kind of mark on it.

It has NOTHING on it. IF 4K televisions manufactured by VIZIO are that delicate maybe they should come with a screen protector, like cell phones do or the option to buy one. Or maybe VIZIO should stand behind their product. My TV was an M model 55 inch, I was talked into the "better" tv because I wanted it to last!

HA!! Jokes on me

Product or Service Mentioned: Vizio Tv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Vizio Cons: Would not honor their warranty, Product not up to good standards and standing behided product.

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Vizio is a cheap, unreliable telly. Buying a 4k telly is overkill as there is virtually nothing in that format available and even if you were lucky to get REAL 4k programs, you would not be able to discern the difference between it and a 1080 model.

Sounds like someone talked you into buying something you didn't need and a make that will not last as long as you had hoped. As for your problem with something hitting the set, Vizio is correct---it is your problem, not theirs.

I hope you didn't fall for the extended warranty or such nonsense which is nothing a waste of money. Life goes on.

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