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I found this write-up very useful! We had the same issues this week.

One day TV fine, next day nothing. I followed everything I could find online and then called Vizio and asked for help. I got nothing from them. I also go this comment: "sir, did you get the extended warranty?" i replied that i didn't "Sir, that is what extended warranties are for" I said, extended warranties allow companies to take even more money away from us.

Yes, I understand that things don't last forever, however, they should last more than 2 years when they cost $600. We purchased our TV about 18-24 months ago so we are out of the 1 year warranty period. Vizio offered to fix our TV for $400, which i passed on and stated i will never buy another Vizio again.

Vizio is not taking responsibility here and should as it seems like a widespread problem. I have it working again after following your repro steps, let's hope it says running for a while longer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vizio M502i-b1 Tv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: A TV that works like it should. I want my TV replaced..

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Same here. Tv worked fine, then nothing.

Power cycling has not fixed anything. Called Vizio and they told me to power cycle the tv, when that did not work, they gave me a number to arrange a technician to look at it. Worthless to have a tv for a short time then break.

I have 2 much older TVs with no issues. Vizio not an option when looking for a tv.


Same problem, Vizio is junk, their customer service is useless (they offered me a decent price on a 4K replacement though). Why would I want to invest any more money on an unreliable product?

That's what you get when you buy 'cheap'.

No more Vizio anything for me


Vizio is not a reliable brand, but it is cheap to buy and stores like Walmart love them as they sell well and make some money for the stores in addition to bringing people in. Yours lasted two years. Consider it a throwaway and go somewhere other than, say Walmart and buy a good brand of telly, eg., Panasonic.


Link to same issue i have:


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