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Vizio in Houston, Texas - Poor Quality, Will Not Stand Behind Product

I was unfortunate enough to decide to by 3 vizio large screen TV's. One broke within 90 days. They replaced it with a refurb. The other has sound that cuts out and all they want to do is make adjustments, will not send someone to look. Bought both at Best Buy. The third has no picture at all and is 6 months old. Now they say the electronics store where P purchased this one is not one of their dealers and will not provide any service. These are the worst televisions on the market and poor warranty back up to no warranty at all at their discretion. Stay away from this company
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I don't recommend Vizio because of it's low quality. It may cost less than some, but in my experience they do not hold up and customer service is almost non-existent.

Best to get a brand like Panasonic, RCA, etc. They are all made in China or somewhere in Asia, but the name-brands have better materials and have better quality control. I never buy any appliance that says it was made in China. That, to me indicates an inferior product.

Sony is assembled in Mexico to a great extent and some Sharp products are made in Japan---which is the best place if you can find these products. Malaysia is ok, as is Taiwan, just stay away from all China products.


The Vizio that you knock is made on the other side of the assembly plant (in China or Mexico) of where your RCA is made. Some of the workers will be doing RCA before lunch and Vizio after.

I would recommend contacting the retailer. They sold the product and if Best Buy wants your return business they will take care of you.

Costco and Sam's have each taken care of and replaced with new my Vizio Smart TV and Soundbar (respectively) when I started having problems after 14 months. :cry

@Vizio Rocks

Probably idiots like you on the assembly lines

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37" Vizio VX37L HDTV no sound after 3.5 years; called Costco and cost more to repair than to buy a new one; should have listened to others about this brand. My Sony tv's have lasted longer than my son's 25 years; won't buy this VIZIO brand again. too bad I purchased a smaller one for our kitchen. lesson learned. don't bother. sounds like most of their tv's are lemons as soon as the warranty expires. I wouldn't doubt that this is programmed to go out so we can buy a new one. we will but not the same brand!!! good-by VIZIO.
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In December 2009 I bought an HDTV from Vizio, Model 370M. One month later the remote control stopped working, and after various discussions it was eventually replaced. Three months later the TV set stopped working altogether. Vizio denied my claim under the warranty, on the ground that power surges are not covered (there had not been one). I was given the choice to have the set repaired for $250, but I would have to ship it at my expenses to California, or I could have the technician come to my house, in which case the charge would be $390. I bought for $500 a new HDTV set (not Vizio).
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In December 2009 I bought through Amazon a VIZIO HDTV (VA 370 M). It came with one year warranty. In January 2011 I had a problem with the remote. After some haggling, the remote was replaced for free. In March, the TV stopped functioning. It turns out that the warranty excludes anything that has to do with power surges (there had not been one). On that ground, the warranty claim was rejected, and I was given two options: either have an onsite visit, which, including repairs, would have cost $400, or shipping the TV to California, for a cost of $250 plus shipping charges. I decided against the repairs, I bought a larger HDTV (not VIZIO) for $500, and I shall never consioder VIZIO products again.
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