Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

i just brought this 32 inch smart t.v from walmart on 12.04/2015 and it's showing like i need a picture tube or something sometimes i be watching t.v and it just shut off on it's on also.i called walmart and they said after 3 weeks they can't do anything about it now my color is acting up this is ridiculous,i attached a picture of my t.v and this should not be happening and i would like to have some type of responds to this problem please.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vizio Tv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Never buy a flat screen tv, without taking it out of the box and plugging it in and testing it. They are very prone to get damaged and having issues caused in the production line.

This is from a tv repairman.

I have repaired thousands since they first came out. I get paid by the manufacturers, when they get caught by the customers.


Stay out of Walmart, unless you want toilet paper or paper towels.


You can get refund or exchange from walmart within 90 days of purchase with or without receipts don't wait any longer just bring the TV back and exchange for new one or get money back on gift card if u don't have a receipt you have 90 days that's their policy


What's smart about that tv is that it scammed you into spending money on walmart garbage.


forgot to mention though that in the future you should be contacting the manufacturer not asking for a response to your issue on a public complaints forum such as this. as the odds of anyone with the actual company in question actually seeing your post are slim to none.


as the others have said try a different source first but yeah once your return period is up with the retailer it falls on the manufacturer to hopefully honor their warranty. some will not if they find it was abused/neglected etc.


Manufacturer warranty on even a cheapo Vizio TV is one year. Test with another source as mentioned, if it is the TV give the manufacturer a call and they will repair or replace it.


I had this same problem only it was my direct tv "genie" system (they had to replace it twice) not the tv. try a different source like a dvd player and see if the problem still persists.

if not, the tv is fine. hope this helps:)

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