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So I rented this movie through Fandango Now because I had a promo code. But instead of watching the movie I spent 2 hours trying to get the tv to connect to my top tier internet.

I had fun entering my WiFi password 10 times. My favorite part is watching the circle in the middle of the screen go round, and round. The tv says it’s connected. But it won’t do anything.

It’s more like a retarded autistic blind child with Aids than a tv. I’ve dealt with some trash tech before but this takes the cake. It’s almost as if when they were making this tv they asked each other, “how can we make this tv look good, but actually be a worthless hunk of plastic?

Oh of course, we make it impossible to use! That’ll work great, we’ll waste millions of people’s time while taking their money.”

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Give me back the what little free time I have..

Vizio Pros: Its black screen acts as a mirror.

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You are doing something incorrectly. Don't blame the telly, altho Vizio is not that good to begin with.

Sounds like your router is blocking the signal but without actually doing the process to connect, etc., we can't tell what is actually gone awry.

I suggest you have someone with more computer/WiFi knowledge assist you. Frustrating, isn't it?

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