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I had 4 HD TV and wanted to move from a 42" to a 60" and I read good views about Vizio. I purchased the TV in June 2015 for just over $800.

In February 2016 the sound was intermittent, I'd change channels and there would be no sound, I return to the previous channel and there may/may not be sound. I'd go to a completely different channel, same thing maybe/maybe not. At times there was no hope so I'd shut the TV off and turn it back on and it had sound. Repair people came out putting in a new board.

That worked fine for 4 days. They then sent a re-certified TV, a used and repaired TV, that worked for a few days. With the re-certified TV then wouldn't turn on. After a while it did turn on.

There were times when the set wouldn't turn off requiring me to pull the power cord. Yesterday, April 14, 2016, a NEW TV was delivered. The sound worked fine...for almost 5 HOURS. (BTW - New TV serial # begins with the Letter "L", the re-certified sets have a "R") Today the powers that be said it has to be DirectV that I have.

I have switched receiver boxes and HDMI cables. I've never had a problem with the Panasonic or Toshiba TV. Now Vizio is going to send a tech to sit and play with the thing. If you are considering Vizio I think you'd be better off not purchasing from this company.

I said to many Vizio people that I can't be the only person afflicted with this irritation. I am not optimistic

Product or Service Mentioned: Vizio E600i-b3 Tv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Vizio Pros: Tech support was in the us.

Vizio Cons: It doesnt end and doesnt get better.

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Same thing has happened to us now. We purchased our TV back in July of 2015.

The volume worked yesterday morning (May 2nd) and I turned it off when I left the house. Well when I got home and turned the TV on it had no volume. We have always had LG or Samsung and never had a problem.

We wanted a bigger tv for our living room and this one was on sale for $800 as well and it is just a piece of ***. I would love to get my money back but I don't see that happening.


Your tv never needed a repair to begin with, have fixed this issue at least a thousand times on the phone. You need to change the digital audio output settings in your cable box/satellite receiver to PCM, or L-pcm or depending on the boxes options just turn OFF Dolby and it will force it to pcm whether it says it is or least a thousand times. Unfortuantely none of the service providers 1st level call centers are aware of these settings and half of their field techs don't either

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