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Vizio - Tv Review from Newport Beach, California

Bought 70" Vizio at Costco. 2 months later, no picture only audio. Contact Costco/Vizio and two weeks later they deliver a "refurbished" replacement. Exactly two more months go by, no picture, only audio. Just got off the phone with Costco/Vizio. They are going to replace the tv again, IN UP TO TWO WEEKS!!! That's a total of one month of paying my cable bill with NO TV! Vizio and Costco will not reimburse me for my $195 Cable bill and will not exspadite the delivery of the new (2nd) tv. So frustrated!!!
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Bought a 70in Vizio, picture started getting spots on the left side. Started with a couple increased daily, called Vizio because of the extended warranty and they sent out a recertified tv, which arrived April 2.

Today April 27 the whole picture went out, called vizio again and now a new 2015 model will be sent out within 8-10 days. Yet the Mayweather fight will be this Saturday.

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Vizio in Newport Beach, California - 2 broken TV's and absolutely no help

We bought a 39" Vizio TV from Costco the beginning of 2013. It's in the living room and rarely used. We have about 8 hours of usage on it. Our daughters and grand daughters were here in May. About 30 minutes into a movie a small circle appeared in lower right corner. Costco, after much prodding, had a service man come out. He couldn't figure it out and said they'd get back to us. Suddenly, they say it is a common symptom when screen as been hit. (If common, why wasn't it apparent to repair man and his boss?) After adamantly telling them absolutely nothing hit the screen all one of their top men would offer is a refurbished one (with absolutely no warranty) for $276. My husband, unfortunately, took the offer. It arrived yesterday. Upon opening the box, he noticed the styrophone was broken in one corner. Because of Vizio's attitude, he was reluctant to take TV out and called. They insisted he take it out and look at it. He did and then noticed the upper left hand corner was cracked. They insisted he plug it in as all is probably fine. No... left is grey with lightning bolt like things and right is multiple bright colored stripes. So, now we are in day 2 of multiple phone calls, sending the same pics over and over to various people. Now they are trying to blame UPS...and in small print on paper enclosed it states very clearly vizio is not responsible for shipping damages. So bottom line.....josh and Harley were zero help, still getting the run around and I have two broken, worthless TV's in our living room. And...we're $700 into this mess. For the life of me can't understand how a company can operate by selling defective products and making the customer the party at fault. After today, I'll take on the task of going after them. ;-). This simply is not right and, needless to say, i will never, ever buy another vizio product and advising others to never either.
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I have the same issue with the black dot. Mine is getting bigger and now there is a line going from the top of the screen to the bottom.

They told me the same thing. We damaged it somehow. Which we didn't. Just purchased out 50 inch in feb.

Very distaught. We don't have the funds to purchase a new television.

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