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We bought an E55C1 VIZIO about two years ago and it has been in the same spot in our living room since. It has not been moved.

About a month ago, the picture stopped working. We have audio and can see the image on the tv if we shine a flashlight on it. After doing a little internet research, it looks like the backlight needs to be replaced and this is a common problem on VIZIO TVs. We do not have an extended warranty, but we paid $500 for the TV and assumed it would last much longer than two years.

I called customer service today and spoke with "John" who was very nice. He said that since the TV was out of warranty, they would not stand behind the product. He gave me the number for ITI repair services and said I'd need to pay to get it fixed. I still felt that VIZIO should stand behind the product and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor called me back and reiterated that I needed to call ITI.

I called ITI and waited on hold for several minutes before a message came on telling me I'd need to leave a message, which I did. I searched for reviews for ITI - they are not well-regarded. I'm not holding out hope that my repair will be quick or inexpensive or that my call will even be returned.

John called back from VIZIO and offered me a "discount" on a new tv and told me to check my email. The "discounted" TV I was offered is a hundred dollars more than the same TV would cost me to buy it at the Wal Mart around the corner - no thanks. Furthermore, I can probably buy a new tv for less than it will cost me to fix this one, but it surely won't be a VIZIO

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