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  • From mobile
  • Vizio
  • 22 hours ago
  • #855612

Purchased vizio sound bar model: SB3821-C6 from Walmart. It worked well for 1 month, then wouldn't power on. I wanted to return it to Walmart, but had thrown the original box away, due to it took up to much space. So, now I'm waiting for Vizio to send me the empty box to return this cheesy product. What a hassle. Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Vizio
  • May 17
  • #849668

I wanted a smart tv so i could search the web. But i can't do anything. But play music all the other apps are pretty much useless to me I feel like i wasted my money. I should have gotten a SONY!!!! SMDH. $#!+ Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Vizio
  • May 14
  • #847917

Turns off randomly. Had the entire power unit replaced. Still a problem 4 months later. Vizio is junk. Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Vizio
  • May 11
  • #846104

I purchased a Visio smart tv broke after 32 days so target would not take it back it's been 2 months..n now Visio says it will replace it next month...ill never buy another Visio product ever again....I almost forgot what tv looks like? Add comment

We purchased this tv from Costco in Jan 15. Vizio wide screen, 60 inch, E600I-B3 model. Over the last two months, it has started to shut off periodically. the timer is turned off. very sporadicno Oone night could be every 10 minutes, next night its ever 20 minutes. Tonight it is has shut down six times in the past two hours. It is getting progressively worse. Curious if anyone else has had this issues. of course the warranty ran out... Read more

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I bought a 48" Vizio smart TV. Had it 3 weeks. My wife and I are older and no one lives with us. The screen spontaneously cracked from the inside out. There is absolutely no damage on the outside of the TV. The only way you can tell the screen is cracked is my powering on the TV. For 3 days afterward we could at least watch it because there was just a dark 2" wide strip running vertically down the right side and some very narrow horizontal lines... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Vizio
  • Apr 21
  • #833611

Bought my 500i-b1 of of Amazon 7 months ago. TV has no picture but it does have sound. Amazon says only a 90 day warranty, factory says 1 year unless purchased through a third party. Going with a Samsung or an LG. The *** with Vizio and Amazon. They both lied to me. Stay away from both, Vizio and Amazon Add comment

I had 4 HD TV and wanted to move from a 42" to a 60" and I read good views about Vizio. I purchased the TV in June 2015 for just over $800. In February 2016 the sound was intermittent, I'd change channels and there would be no sound, I return to the previous channel and there may/may not be sound. I'd go to a completely different channel, same thing maybe/maybe not. At times there was no hope so I'd shut the TV off and turn it back on and it... Read more

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Low quality trash. Had a 39" TV for about 9 months now and it turns on and off randomly. The button pad on the side of the TV is RECESSED INTO THE TV!! meaning you need extra long nails or a goddam screwdriver just to push a button!! I lost my remote so ive resorted to using this pathetically assembled button pad which im pretty sure is cause of the TVs odd behavior. THIS PRODUCT IS COMPLETE GARBAGE DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY GO WITH LG OR SAMSUNG!!! Read more

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Hay got one better.....had white glove service bring the tv on a shipment order from Costco....they took it out of the box, left it right in the same spot....has two of my friends carefully lift it up onto the wall mount from that location. Turned it on and upper left corner had the running down the screen color problem....right out of the box....called Vizio, and within the last 8 days they finely said, based on my pictures that it was caused... Read more

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