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The worst company of all tvs Never buy from this Its the worst of all companies Never assist me with my needs

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The lack of support regarding Vizio and their blu-ray firmware updates doesn't surprise me at all. Vizio always has, and most likely always will have terrible customer service and product support. Stay away from this company if you value product support! I have a vizio soundbar that is useless, a vizio blu-rey that is now useless, all remote controls broke within the first year of use. The TV still works fine, but won't be surprised if it... Read more

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Purchased a Vizio TV and Sound bar system from Costco and have had several issues with both. Currently after many hours on the phone with customer support I have a sound bar that is dead and a TV that will only receive some channels. Costco 2 year warranty does not extend to the sound bar so we are just out of luck there. Product lasted a year and 7 months. Vizio will not send a tech out since they think the problem is with my cable box. ... Read more

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Ha d apronlem with a relatively new flat screen TV. Called tech support, troubleshot with them for almost an hour where we tried everything, including a complete factory reset. Technician set up an at home service request and I was very pleased to this point. Three days later another technician called and set the service request was denied since he felt there wasn't enough troubleshooting done. This time I was asked to call back once home to... Read more

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55 inch HD received as a gift, picture went out in less than 2 years. I always was interested in this product because the picture looked very crisp. The price was about the lowest you could get for a TV this size. I received this as a gift for my birthday because I had an old one that was on its last leg. I hinted around that a TV was what I wished for. Less than 2 years later the screen just went out, no noise, no issues with anything else. It... Read more

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Just got off ph with 3rd tech at Vizeo. Turns off and (sometime on) by itself, freezes, remote wont work at times. Apps fail often, Disconnects itself from an app too on occasion, tv can't detect wifi at times. (It is NOT my router...for sure). TV Its a E60-C3. Anyway, after going thru a dozen tests each time, this last kid says unplug your modem and router. If the tv doesn't turn off in 24hr's It's the routers fault your TV is having problems.... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 27
  • #855612

Purchased vizio sound bar model: SB3821-C6 from Walmart. It worked well for 1 month, then wouldn't power on. I wanted to return it to Walmart, but had thrown the original box away, due to it took up to much space. So, now I'm waiting for Vizio to send me the empty box to return this cheesy product. What a hassle.

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  • From mobile
  • May 17
  • #849668

I wanted a smart tv so i could search the web. But i can't do anything. But play music all the other apps are pretty much useless to me I feel like i wasted my money. I should have gotten a SONY!!!! SMDH. $#!+

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  • From mobile
  • May 14
  • #847917

Turns off randomly. Had the entire power unit replaced. Still a problem 4 months later. Vizio is junk.

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  • From mobile
  • May 11
  • #846104

I purchased a Visio smart tv broke after 32 days so target would not take it back it's been 2 months..n now Visio says it will replace it next month...ill never buy another Visio product ever again....I almost forgot what tv looks like?

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